EMDR Institute Regional Training Courses


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Consultation Groups

EMDR Basic Training Consultation is available for therapists in the process of completing initial EMDR basic training.

Phone groups available in groups of 2 or 4 participants. In person groups located in Cheyenne, WY, monthly. To enroll, contact Jan through email or phone.

BEYOND BASIC is a Consultation group for therapists who have completed  Basic Training, and want to expand their knowledge and practice.  This group is designed to meet the needs of therapists wanting to become more proficient with EMDR protocols, and the blending of EMDR within their psychotherapy practice.  It also meets the consultation requirements for application to EMDRIA as a Certified EMDR Therapist.

Beyond Basic Consultation Groups are being offered in Fort Collins Colorado, monthly, on a Saturday from 9:30am to noon, and in Cheyenne, WY monthly on Wednesdays from 12:15pm to 1:45pm.

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION is offered for Basic Training and beyond

Organizational consultation is available to help integrate EMDR into current clinical practices and therapeutic approaches within existing clinics.

What Therapists Say About Consultation

I first met Jan Schaad in my weekend two EMDR training in Phx., AZ. I have since received several hours of helpful consultation from her. Jan has a soft, yet in-depth approach to her consultation that always leaves me with new ideas. I really appreciate her insights as they foster new ideas in me. I find working with Jan energizing.  I fully recommend Jan Schaad to anyone seeking to sharpen or build on their approach in EMDR.

Andrew E. Henry, MA, LPC P.L.L.C.

Jan helped me understand the importance of preparation and gauging where the client is. She etched many important points into my mind that I get to pass on to my clients. For example during one of our consultations, she said, “It’s not about getting over it—it’s about knowing it’s over.” These are some of the most powerful words I am able to relay to my clients. Jan has helped me understand the many approaches and challenges when working with clients diagnosed with PTSD, social anxiety and personality disorders to name a few.

Patricia Swan-Smith, MA, LCPC

Jan Schaad is skillful in articulating EMDR protocols as well as assessing the needs of those she’s consulting. She brings to the consultation sessions years of experience and a strong knowledge base in working with clients as well as in training EMDR. Jan has provided invaluable training that has helped my effectiveness in meeting the needs of the clients I see. I am most appreciative for her guidance and training. I am so glad I did not pass up the opportunity to train with her!

Lynda Wick, MS LPC

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